Appealing against the 2010 revaluation


We understand that business rates are a significant cost to any business and should be checked to ensure they are correct and fair.


If you think that the rateable value of your property is wrong you have the right to appeal and hopefully get a reduction!


Reasons for appealing against a rating assessment.


You may propose an alteration to the rateable value for your property:

• If you believe that your rateable value is incorrect.
• If the valuation officer changes your rateable value for any reason.
• If part of your property has become exempt from rate liability.
• If there has been a "material change in circumstances" which you feel affects 
the value of your property, such as:

- a change in its physical state such as adding to or demolishing part of it
- a change in its use.
- a physical change in the locality.
- a change in the use of a neighbouring property.


The Rating Specialists Ltd can help with the whole process of appealing.


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